Cohousing Hamilton Orientation

What is Cohousing? 

A form of intentional community where people actively create a neighbourhood that combines the autonomy of privately owned individual dwellings with the advantages of shared resources and community living.  Co-developed, co-designed and managed by the residents, a Cohousing community typically consists of between 10 and 35 dwelling units, plus common space including a large common house.  It includes collective decision-making and equitable access to community-owned property.  Cohousing provides a supportive social network and sense of community while also allowing for control of one’s life and participation in decision-making, policy development and property management. All manner of collaborations are possible based on the interests of residents.

Our Vision, Mission and Values

Vision – Our homes will exist within an inclusive intentional community living in a healthy, sustainable, and fun environment.  We are caring neighbours who build upon each other’s strengths and are respectful of each other’s privacy. We collaborate through effective communication and acceptance of individual differences.  Our common spaces will facilitate the sharing of meals, resources and social connections as well as welcoming others into our neighbourhood.

Mission – We will build and live in a welcoming and vibrant intergenerational, senior-led, caring, cooperative, sustainable intentional community in the Hamilton area by 2024. Our architectural design will include different sized units, making some more economical.  Operating costs are expected to be well below that for separate houses.  We will foster autonomy and privacy while cultivating neighbourly support and a deep sense of community. We will work collaboratively, each contributing to the extent of our abilities, talents and resources.  Through sharing and mutual support, we will foster creativity, personal growth, and quality of life for our members.

Values – Our values are inclusive, interdependent and independent, collaborative through open communication, caring, believing in stewardship of the environment, community and ourselves.

How We Intend to Live in Cohousing Hamilton

The self-contained dwelling units will be individually owned. There will be a monthly fee for the common space. There will be a large common house which is intended as an extension of individual living space.  It may include a commercial kitchen, comfortable lounge, exercise room, workshop, greenhouse, guest suites, etc.  It would be the space where meals, social time, meetings, films and lecture series and other activities approved by the membership, can be enjoyed.

Residents can do all or some of the maintenance work required. Resources and tools such as lawnmower, power tools, cars and bicycles can be shared, thereby reducing the cost to individuals. Cars are typically parked on the periphery of the site, and the interior holds the common house, gardens (including a vegetable garden), and pathways. This is all somewhat speculative but is typical of cohousing communities. 

Membership and Fees        

(See CH Membership Policy and Procedures)


Observer   2 months at no cost.

Explorer      $150.00 first quarter; subsequent quarters as determined by the Finance Circle  (non-refundable credit towards the unit purchase).

Equity Member     All funds contributed will accumulate and are applied, on an incremental scale, towards unit purchase price.  Members who leave the community will be reimbursed ‘member payments’ when the project is built and units have been sold.

Owner/Resident    There will be a monthly fee for the common space.

For more information on Membership, email us at