Cohousing Hamilton is 3 years into its venture, and it’s time to take stock.

THE WORLD HAS CHANGED a lot in those years. As a result of the pandemic and other global forces, we now find ourselves navigating variable economic conditions. However, we are still crewed and sailing along! Lots of people have met us on our journey and many lessons have been learned. Housing has become a critical issue, and we know that now more than ever, cohousing offers a practical solution. The challenge is to convince the people who can make it happen to share that vision and work with us.

THE STEERING CIRCLE is holding weekly STRATEGY meetings throughout January and February. In these meetings we discuss and evaluate what has worked for us and what we need to change in order to continue toward our goal. It’s a good time to review our efforts, renew our commitment and regroup with our community. We look forward to providing a full update at our Open House in March. Details to follow.

YOU ARE INVITED to be an important part of this. You will be receiving a short survey, which we strongly encourage you to take a few minutes to complete and give us your feedback. This will help us immensely in knowing we have your interest as well as knowing the demographics and the expectations of our followers.

GOOD NEWS! Observers and Associates are welcome to attend our sessions in person or online as silent partners, with a 10-minute Q&A at the end of the meeting.

If you are interested in attending, please contact Judy Shepalo at or 905-517-6494.

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