“Consent means taking a decision that is “Good enough for now, safe enough to try.””

The range of tolerance

“We believe the best decisions are made when everyone’s voice is heard. …we use sociocracy to save time, make decisions and create (a) more human organization.”

Paraphrased from Sociocracy for All

“Sociocracy as a form of governance has been referred to since 1851. … and has subsequently been developed and adapted by many different people and organizations [worldwide]….”

Paraphrased from Sociocracy 3.0

“…dynamic governance [a.k.a. “sociocracy”] enables every sub-part of the organization to have an authoritative voice in the management of the organization.”

Governance Alive – The Creative Forces of Self-Organization, John Buck & Gerard Endenburg


Developed by Gerard Endenburg , and based on the work of activists and educators Beatrice (Betty) Cadbury and Kees Boeke , Sociocracy , or Dynamic Governance, is a governance method that decentralizes power and permits every voice to be heard and to be impactful . The basic principles of sociocracy include:

  • Every voice is heard
  • Transparency and communication
  • Empowered Circles
  • Decision by “Consent”
  • Feedback & Continuous Improvement





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